Established in coordination with Hayrat Foundation in 2013, Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association holds a public welfare status as per the cabinet decision of 12.02.2016 and no. 2016/8653. Dedicated to activities of humanitarian aid, solidarity, culture, education and health both at home and abroad, Hayrat Aid delivers aid to millions of people. Dedicated not only to feed others but also to warm their heart and soul, Hayrat Aid works resolutely to announce to the world the word of Allah, our faith, theQuran as well as Islamic civilisation and culture. 

Hayrat Aid delivers educational supports, healthcare assistance, orphans' protection, emergency deliveries of food and suoolies, Edi sacrificial benefits and Ramadan activities to anybody in need without discrimination, underlining that Islam is a religion of fraternity and peace, and that our generous Prophet (PBUH) is the saviour sent not only for Muslims but also for the entire humanity. 

Hayrat Aid is capable of distributing humanitarian aid materials and deliverables from Aleppo to Turkmen Mountain, from Idlib to Jarabulus through its volunteers and personnel working at offices and storehouses in Syria; it contacts local community where it exists, giving unconditional support to the oppressed and victimised. 

Giving a hand to the oppressed and victimised in Turkey through hundreds of coordination points at home, Hayrat Aid has secured an exalted place in the heart of our people for its good deeds in the East and Southeast Anatolian territories. 

Hayrat Aid sends many books particularly the Quran to many parts on the earth. In addition to this, ensuring hundreds of people have access to fresh water thanks to water well projects in Africa and Asia, as well as the Middle East, South Asia, Philistine, and Bosnia.

Hayrat Aid continues to protect and looks after thousands of orphans that are now under custody of our ummah. Educational centres intended for orphans are established in Indonesia, Cambodia, Syria (Jarabulus/Ildib), Turkey (Şanlıurfa), Sudan, Malaysia, and Kenya.

Delivering aid to millions through Edi Sacrificial and Ramadan events, Hayrat Aid embraces the oppressed and victimised at numerous destinations, making it clear to them that Turkey stands by them all. 

With immediate aid projects for providing shelter, clothing, foodstuff, household articles, cleaning materials and coal; Hayrat Aid delivers basic necessities to war and disaster-stricken territories.